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"Just Give Me 5 SHORT DAYS,

And I'll Show You The Exact "Step By Step" Method For Turning Strangers Into Subscribers Who Are Excited To Buy From You!"

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What Would You Do With An Extra

10, 100, or 1,000

New Subscribers Per Month!?!

Join The "5 Day SaaS Accelerator" (FOR FREE) And Learn How To Activate A Predictable Flow Of Eager Customers For Your SaaS!

DAY 1 - The SaaS OS

We will kick off this ACTION-PACKED accelerator on DAY ONE by showing you the high level (no pun intended) operating system that we use to turn strangers into customers on demand. It will be eye-opening to see how this OS will work for YOU SPECIFICALLY! This day is the only "lecture" day, everything else is workshops actually IMPLEMENTING what you learn each day!

DAY 2 - Creating Your "Awareness Engine"

Now that you've learned how doing things in the right order makes all the difference (and how good things at the wrong time are actually bad things), the next step is to install your awareness engine. We will be showing you a simple process of taking your own niche, and then quickly building an awareness engine that will act like a magnet to get people to come to you!

DAY 3 - Funnel Mastery: Unleashing the Power of High-Converting Pathways

After you've created your awareness engine, the next step is to build a simple funnel that will collect your leads and direct them to the final destination: a sale! You'll receive a healthy dose of design + strategy intel that will prepare you to build an A+ funnel to start converting those leads into dream customers.

DAY 4 - Closing the Deal: Strategies for Successful Sales

Now that you have leads coming into your funnel, it's essential that you have a robust sales process to turn them into paying customers. On day 4, we have an exciting session lined up to show you how to drive successful sales and maximize your revenue potential. We'll debunk all the sales fluff and get down to the nitty gritty of what's actually working right now.

DAY 5 - The Art of Retention: Onboarding, Engaging and Retaining Your Customers

Now that everything is in place, the last step is to actually activate your clients! I'll show you how to onboard clients in a way that makes them love your software and stick around. Say goodbye to high customer churn rates and hello to delighted clients who can't wait to explore all the amazing features your SaaS has to offer.

The 5 Day SaaS Accelerator

Will Show You

How To Activate A Predictable Flow Of Eager Customers For Your Business.

Before The Accelerator

  • Afraid: Of what might happen if your SaaS doesn't take off soon.

  • Overwhelmed: By the self-proclaimed experts offering conflicting advice and recommendations.

After The Accelerator

  • Confident: In your ability to score dream customers and $$$.

  • Clear: On the 5-step process that will jumpstart your SaaS business.

Let the results

speak for themselVES!

When you say yes to this offer you're paying to generate HUGE VALUE for your clients. Not only will you receive all that we’ve built out, designed, and written just for you, but you'll also save yourself tons of time and headaches. Just take it from all the happy members of our amazing HL Pro Tools family.

Huge raving fan of HL Pro Tools! They have been exceptional to work with. We absolutely love the team. We immediately upgraded to the highest level of support we could get. It’s been a fantastic experience. I would use this firm even if we weren’t running a service and selling Go HighLevel as a software service to other people. Just for my own personal use. It’s literally that valuable.

Frank K

Frank Kern Inc

Shoutout to HL Pro Tools who does an amazing job with all the onboarding and all the client outreach because that support is so vital when you are trying to keep that retention rate up for your software clients. So thank you guys so much and I cannot wait to see what you guys do in the future.

We use their library, we use the Live Chat, which is amazing. Having Matt and his team in the background saves us a lot of time. I can’t even really count up the hours that we have saved.

Dominic B
Serio Systems

Lead Drogon

I just want to say a huge shout out to HL Pro Tools and Matt and the whole team over there. They’ve just been incredible and educating me on everything I have to do to automate my agency, scale it, grow it. The amount of value [Matt] gives for free should show you the amount of value he provides once you’re a paid customer. So if you’re on the fence about it, don’t hesitate, jump in and take action because these guys know what they’re doing and they’re doing it at the highest levels.

Before signing up, I really didn't have any direction. Now, I do have direction. But not just that. I also have a lot of leverage in my business... And what's remarkable is that, every step of the way, Matt and his team have OVER. DELIVERED. If you're on the fence, I highly recommend working with them. I can't say enough good things.

Chris M
iDayDream Studios

Ben M

exp Realty

YES!! I could not have a SAAS Agency without them. I get to focus my time and energy and my team on offers, strategy, and other fun stuff and not have to spend a lot of time on customer service issues with the help of HL Pro Tools. I highly recommend it! Happy to hop on a call if you have more specific questions on how I use it in my business.

This is exactly what I needed in order to scale. And to be honest, I've met with Matt a couple different times, and he answers all my questions + drops those WISDOM BOMBS on me. Genuinely, I can tell he just wants to help and that means a lot to me.

Connie p

Tukdin Marketing

Micah S
Local Lead Hub

To Matt and the entire team at HL Pro Tools, thank you. Your service has simply been amazing. This is a company that truly cares about its customers and will always have solutions when needed most. If you’re considering joining HL Pro Tools, just do yourself a favor. Just do it.

I spent literally a month and five different support members on GoHighLevel and Matt helped me figure it out in about 10 minutes so… Love the fact that as a HL Pro Tools member, I always have that backup

Steve R
Travelmation LLC
William G
Be Known Advertising

These guys take care of all of my clients — basically anything that needs to be done client wise as far as software support. I tend to find their support is actually much better than GoHighLevel. They respond usually within a matter of minutes.

First of all, obviously the help that they offer — the support, the 24/7 support, email support which is excellent and always prompt — has been so good to be able to offer that to my clients. I also found the website template very helpful. All kinds of little hidden goodies within the package as well that can really help. Like, the Help Videos are amazing. It’s like having your own knowledge base. My clients are loving that as well. So, thanks to Matt and all the team at HL Pro Tools for really helping me scale my business.


PowerHouse Media

Steve J


I have been with them for over a year now, and it has been an absolute life saver because one of the biggest things we need to do to satisfy our clients is to provide them with stellar, exceptional support and I am able to do that and free up my time by using their support team — which frankly… is smarter than me anyways.

Man, Matt and his team are just the best in the business. They’re amazing. They have been a huge resource, not just the chat support — which is huge for my customers — but also just being able to access the team and ask them questions. They’re just the best in business. I couldn’t recommend them more.

Dan M
Residual Movement LLC
Gabe S
Legion Beats

"Just Give Me 5 Short Days...

And I'll Show You The Exact "Step By Step" Method For Turning Strangers Into Subscribers Who Are Excited To Buy From You!"

Join The 5 Day SaaS Accelerator (FOR FREE)

*** PLUS, Get Two NEW "Ideal Prospect CSVs" (For FREE) When You Show Up To The Trainings!

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